The Man FAQStyleWhat shoes should you wear with a navy blue suit?

What shoes should you wear with a navy blue suit?

SO YOU’VE JUST ADDED A CLASSIC NAVY SUIT to your business repertoire, but now you’re wondering what shoes would go best with it. While black shoes are the way to go with almost any suit (except brown), more often you’ll find that men of style are opting for brown shoes with their navy blue suits.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting your footwear:

Brown seems to be the more fashion-forward choice. As in, it seems to be the choice you’ll want to make if it’s your job to stand out. Black, however, is still the classic and more conservative choice.

One pundit put it nicely, “Wear black shoes if you’re seeking a job, and wear brown shoes if you’re seeking a date.”

Another said to “wear the black shoes if you have a boss, and wear the brown shoes if you are the boss.”

One thing is certain … brown shoes are no longer a total no-no with a blue suit. Basically, it comes down to a combination of your personal preference and your situation.

MY TAKE: Want me to tell you straight up? I wear the brown shoes. Why not stand out? Go forth and make your mark.

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