In Her Words

In Her Words

Just as it is important to fulfill your responsibilities to your employer, your dog, your Mom, you must also pay homage on a regular basis to your relationship.

Playtime. It's not just for preschoolers anymore.

Sure, we can shut it all down, and just talk to each other like casual acquaintances, but why not try to be closer to the select special people that made the short list? Isn't that what makes relationships intimate?

Now that we've established that you really do enjoy our miniature friends, let's review the do's and don'ts of romper room

Let's get it on! Save for the lady who would rather be at home washing her hair, every woman loves it when the bass drops.

"Honey, does my butt look fat in this?" -- a difficult no-win situation at best.

Surprises f*cking rock, gentlemen. They rock. Like rock the house.

Find a nice comfy chair, well-worn corner of the couch or never even leave that perfect goodness of an unmade bed and do something that has nearly become a lost art -- read.

We're talking gardening, guys. Surprised? Don't be. Digging around in the dirt is romantic to both men and women; we just look at it differently.

You are tired. She is tired. Are you both even hungry? Who knows? At this point, who really cares? This is a pivotal moment, men.