Capello’s missteps too hard to overlook, especially given his salary

Capello’s missteps too hard to overlook, especially given his salary

There’s overpaid and then there’s REALLY overpaid.

To say that England football boss Fabio Capello is stealing money from the folks who pay his nearly £10 million per year salary is like saying early European settlers kind of dicked over Native Americans.

Capello, whose Three Lions once again disappointed English fans the world over with another lackluster World Cup performance, makes £5.8 millon more annually than the second-highest paid national team manager, Italy’s Marcello Lippi.

And yes, I’m ashamed to use the Lippi and Capello surnames in the same sentence considering Italy is — at the time of this writing — the defending World Cup champion with Lippi leading the way.

If England had gone down fighting or if the gaffer had tried injecting new blood into a lineup many thought was already getting stale four years ago, Capello’s salary might not be such a big deal.

But his pay is just shocking. Has he been signed to some kind of lifetime contract we don’t know about? Will he be taping Aaron Lennon’s ankles in 2014 as a form of retribution for leaving Lennon to rot on the bench during this World Cup? Will he serve as Wayne Rooney’s water boy and launder Peter Crouch’s sweaty kit in four years (if Crouch gets on the pitch that is, which he didn’t in 2010)?

This much I know: If Capello does return to England’s team, it shouldn’t be as a manager. His missteps as Three Lions boss — either real or perceived — are too many to mention in this space, but suffice it to say that he didn’t seem to do anything more than a man on the street with even a cursory knowledge of England’s team could’ve done.

He used mostly the same players in essentially the same formation the English team has been using for years and got the same result — an early exit from another World Cup. No fresh approach, no new ideas and honestly, no testicular fortitude.

I suppose those who follow England, like me, should have seen it coming, but I guess the millions of pounds Capello makes blinded us.

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